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   USA Adult Classified - REFUND POLICY

ISG INTERNET WORLDWIDE LIMITED does not give refunds related to purchases of subscriptions, except in very specific cases.

We provide a continuous service that can be interrupted at times. However, our up time is in excess of 99%, considered to be an excellent industry standard.

Users are able to browse the site at no cost or registration, and are allowed to post to the site with free registration, in order to get an understanding of the material and format presented to the user, as well as notified of subscription extras that are available before purchasing a subscription. There is no limit to the amount of time a member may have free access to this website. Making the purchase of a subscription, therefore, can be considered well in advance, without any pressure to do so on the part of ISG INTERNET WORLDWIDE LIMITED

If for some reason you are unable to login to the website after purchasing a subscription, you can contact us by finding the "Contact Us" link in the footer of every page. We will make every reasonable effort to help you login.

Note that ISG INTERNET WORLDWIDE LIMITED is not responsible for the proper operation of your internet, nor of your computer nor your browser. If, after every reasonable effort is exhausted and your login does not work, ISG INTERNET WORLDWIDE LIMITED will consider a refund of the subscription price. However, if ISG INTERNET WORLDWIDE LIMITED can login as your user through the use of popular browsers, by means of a public internet connection, no refund will be considered. Note that in the event that such an event were to happen, ISG INTERNET WORLDWIDE LIMITED will provide evidence of successful login.

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